Racism is Freedom, Freedom is Bigotry

On FOX News this past Sunday, Republican Senator Lindsey ‘Grahamnesty’ of South Carolina decided that he needed to stick his foot in his mouth about Supreme Court Nominee Justice Sotomayor.

Rush vs. the RINOs

Several out-of-power Republicans have taken our political fight not to the controversial Obama administration, but to the most popular talk show radio host in the country, Rush Limbaugh. By attacking Rush both personally and professionally, they garner media adulation and further divide our party.

Welcome to RINOList.org!

Over the last two decades, the Republican Party has been overrun by liberal elitists who fashion themselves as moderate or bipartisan.  These Republicans reject our party philosophy of limited government and low taxation in exchange for liberal policies… Read More


We would like to dedicate this page to Former Republican Senator Arlen Spector. We ask that you take some time to look at the history of this senator while he was a Republican-in-Name-Only…

Sen. Lindsay Graham – The RINO of the South

Our dear loveable Senator Graham has been a strong supporter of “bipartisanship”. Lets take a look at what areas he wants to cross the isle with Democrats…

The Judas Seven of the Gang of 14

This post is dedicated in Memoriam to those stalwart Senators who aided and abetted the Democrats in keeping President Bush from appointing his choice for judges to the bench…