We need help!

Help Sign We need help! Join our new RINO Sleuth Forum and help us get more info about those nasty RINO’s. They are hiding everywhere. Do you really know who your local legislative representatives are? Check out your local Republican politicians and let us know if they are Conservative Republicans, or are they really a RINO, a […]

Congressman Joseph Cao’s Ritual Harakiri

cao01 Congressman Cao did a double wammy over the last 24 hrs. First, he was the only Republican to vote down a repeal of the un-Constitutional requirement in Healthcare Reform that all citizens must purchase Healthcare or be liable for incarceration. Secondly, this morning he related to BP exec Lamar McKay how ancient Samurai would be […]

What difference does being involved make anyway…

Most people spend their days fulfilling their own personal agendas, whether it be making money, improving their social standing, increasing their possessions or any of a number of other diversions. What most people never give a second thought to is protecting their community or their country from from being damaged or destroyed by an enemy. […]