The RINO Watchlist

Yesterday, the Politico reported that loser RINO, Mike Castle, is polling to test the waters for an election campaign as a write-in candidate against Republican Primary Winner, Christine O’Donnell. RINO #5 would join “Evita” Murkowski, RINO # 6,… Read More


Harry Reid and the RINOs are trying to pass the DREAM Act HUGE UPDATE!

The DREAM Act is up for a vote today.  Today in the Senate, there is a possibility of RINO insurgents aiding the Dems in their attempt for a soft amnesty.  For a complete rundown of the DREAM Act,… Read More


Monday Game Day – Best RINO Quotes

Just caught wind of DemoRAT Andy Weiner’s SNL worthy quote, “I wrote the bill … the bill and I are one.” After regaining my composure, I had to think hard about the last really good laugh-a-riot quote from… Read More


RIP Mike Castle

After January, two long time RINOs will be sent to that Great Political Preserve in the sky. Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle will no longer be aiding their Democrat counterparts. However, last night’s amazing victory for the Tea… Read More


Christine WINS!

Current standings UNITED STATES SENATOR  215 of 325 Districts Reported  REPUBLICAN PARTY MICHAEL N. CASTLE 17738 575 18313 45 . 4 % CHRISTINE O’DONNELL 21492 514 22006 54 . 6 % RINOList.org is calling the Delaware Race (RINO… Read More


Election Night Coverage of the RINO Hunt in Delaware

This election season’s RINO hunt has been FANTASTIC!   RINO # 6, Lisa Murkowski is down for the count, while the rascally RINO McCain got away. Tonight, Christine O’Donnell takes on the Republican Machine in Delaware.  Her opponent… Read More


Christine O’Donnell vs. the World of RINOs UPDATED

Since the huge win in Alaska for Joe Miller, Republican Party Leadership have been making an all out full court press at backstabbing Christine O’Donnell, the likely victor in Delaware’s Republican Senate Special Election Primary.  Her opponent is… Read More


Tea Party takes down Alaskan Lady RINO, and turns its sights on Delaware’s Old RINO

Tuesday evening, Senator Lisa Murkowski, RINO #6, announced her concession to Alaskan Republican Primary winner Joe Miller. The likes of Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee lent their considerable star power to Joe… Read More