List of Republicans who voted for START Treaty

List of Republican Senators who voted to ratify the START Treaty.  Outline of the problematic stipulations in this disastrous agreement.  [Heritage Foundation] Thad Cochran, MS Bob Corker, TN Mike Crapo, ID Tom Coburn, OK Lamar Alexander, TN Johnny Isakson, GA [Dick Morris]

BuhBye, buhbye, buhbye!

Mike Steele, the troubled RNC chair, stepped down from the RNC in the fourth round of the voting on Friday. Reince Priebus won the RNC chairmanship in the seventh round after being the leader all day. Both [] and [] have the details.  Check out our previous post on RINO Steele.  Check back for more […]

The President’s Post

president03 Happy New Year RINO Hunters! We are in the process of a major site redesign, and hope to have it finished in the next month.  We are working on putting up a finalized RINO List in February.  When our list gets up, we are going to need contributions on details of each RINO, that is […]

The Shame of Cowardice in the Face of Evil

On Tuesday, the Arizona Republic reported that a local Republican politician was stepping down directly due to the shooting in Tucson. reports: Miller, a 43-year-old Ahwatukee Foothills resident and former campaign worker for U.S. Sen. John McCain, was re-elected to a second one-year term last month. He said constant verbal attacks after that election […]

Tea Party RINO hunters looking for Challenger to Dick Lugar, anybody up for it?

Anyone up for a run against Dick Lugar?   [Chicago Tribune] Tea party activists from across the state will gather later this month to try to agree on a candidate to challenge incumbent U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar in next year’s Republican primary.  … Two Republicans mentioned as possible challengers to Lugar are State Treasurer Richard Mourdock […]

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Vote out Steele from the RNC

Michael_Steele On January 14, this Friday, the leadership of the Republican National Committee will vote on who will be the new chairman.  Michael Steele has been one of the most ineffective and damaging chairmen that the Republican party has allowed to lead its chief fundraising organization in recent history.  His chairmanship includes: baffling statements on race […]

CA RINO Rep. Mary Bono caught in racy photo with suspected fraudster UPDATE

Mary_Bono_Mack California Rep. Mary Bono got caught having some fun in the club. Here is a list of the embarrassing facts.   Having gotten, as a friend relates, “blitzed”, the widow of Sonny Bono, our friendly liberal RINO in California, has a photo taken of her in her bra.  The picture shows another woman kissing her breasts.  […]

Arlen Specter Buh-Bye REPOST

We would like to dedicate this post to Former Republican, now Democrat Senator Arlen Spector. We ask that you take some time to look at the history of this senator while he was a Republican-in-Name-Only.

2010 RINO Review

Here is a rundown of the accomplishments of Conservative RINO hunters in the 2010 election year that have changed the political map. Arlen Spector defeated in his Democrat Primary, before he could switch back to the Republicans for the 126th time.  Since already backstabbing his party, Arlen Spector has been given his own post, Buh-Bye, […]