An Indecent Proposal

Over the course of 2015, I watched my country evolve into something that I could not recognize. I watched a decent President side with a movement that promoted racism and inequality in the form of Black Lives Matter. I watched as a decent President along with other decent Republicans started a war in Syria, set the conditions for the rise of the most powerful Muslim terror state in modern times which has set about crucifying children, and then that same decent Presidentlectured my nation for not wanting to allow the entrance of Muslim refugees who we feared would attack us. And they did. I watched the same decent President side with the decent Planned Parenthood after the exposure of their institutional selling of human baby remains. An expose which I might add rivals Hollywood for an apocalyptic vision of the future. That same decent President lectured us again on our lack of civility. I watched as a decent Congress full of decent Republicans funded decent Planned Parenthood and every other decent Socialist demand raising the current debt another trillion dollars. I watched as those same decent Republicans lectured the indecent nation on their inability to stop the Omnibus spending bill that went to the systematic murder of my fellow citizens. I watched as nine decent judges legislated deviancy into law. I watched as those same decent judges contorted the known meaning of words into a Gordian knot of confusion in order to maintain the decent President’s legislative victory.

But those evils pale in comparison to what I now see. I see decent elected officials, decent writers, decent pastors, and decent personalities point the canons of their pens at one indecent man. One man who did none of the above. One man who did not sell baby parts nor pay for them nor force us to pay for them. One man whose primary crime is not that he is indecent, not that he is immoral, not that he is a braggart. No, his crime is that he is these things in public.

He does not hide in the cloak rooms of power presiding over his retinue of pages and interns as kings of old ruled over their harems. He does not seek out every moment of public light to show his vaunted righteousness to the religious masses only to return to his foam parties and well heeled dinner parties.

Donald Trump is Donald Trump. What you see is what you get. At least, we hope it is. Perhaps he is a new American Caesar. I do not fear a single despot, for in this land still flows the blood that cries, “Death to tyrants!” “Long live the revolution!” I fear what Hobbes called the Leviathan. Orwell called it Oceania. The Wachowski Brothers called it the Matrix. And the Bible calls it the Beast. What I fear is a government industrial machine that is dedicated to wiping out all freedom.

My problem is not with the Donald, my problem is not even with the armies of Republicans who live and breath in DC and on K Street, and who are now in danger of losing their magazine cover houses and apartments. I have no problem with them attempting to maintain their position in the face of the overwhelming flood that is Donald Trump. My message to them is that he is only a forerunner of things to come.

My problem is with the high minded pastors and personalities who believe that it is their mission to savage their fellow citizens for the crime of putting off the battered wife syndrome. These pastors and personalities are no longer guides leading us into righteousness, they have become the thug carrying along his cudgel collecting the protection money for the boss, and angry now that the shopkeeper finally has the gall to say no. It just so happens that the shopkeeper has found a bigger bully to help him out. It might be that someday the bully will turn into another boss himself. If so, at least the current regime will end.

Answer these questions to see if I am right. Where was the outrage by those same decent pastors and personalities at the indecent murder of innocents? Where was the same vitriol at the indecent war in Syria and the funding of Moderate Muslim terrorists by the decent John McCain and the decent Lindsey Graham? Where were the cries of “bad form” against the raising of the debt into astronomical measure? And where was the rending of the clothes at the continued funding of the American Nazi chop shops? So ask yourself why now? Why are we to be angry at Trump? Simply because he has the indecency to stop the flow of money to Washingtonians who are the ones screaming now “bad form” at the possible loss of their cushy jobs. If the Donald makes good on his promises, those same Washingtonians would have to return to the private sector where their real enemy lies, us, the American people.

I would like to sum up my feelings on Max Lucado’s charge of indecency to the Donald. Mr. Lucado, to hell with your decency.

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