Radio Interview Tonight!

In under 30 minutes, The Exceptional Conservative Radio Show hosted by the Exceptional One, Ken McClenton, starts with guest Raynard Jackson discussing MLK Jr. Day.  In the 10 o’clock hour, yours truly will be phoning in an interview! Be sure to listen live or catch the Podcast of it tomorrow!  Here is the link to the show! […]

The Original RINO

The acronym RINO was coined by Republican Celeste Greig, who applied the term to the Los Angeles Mayor, Millionaire Richard J. Riordan, the original RINO. Mayor Riordan was a “Moderate Republican” who used his millions to finance his election effort to become mayor of Los Angeles, while accepting and giving moral and financial support to Liberal Democrats throughout his […]

RINOs Don’t Understand Obama!

I was watching the business news on Fox this past Saturday, and as usual the progressive newscasters on Fox were having real trouble understanding why President Obama takes such strange and harmful positions on business in America. As I laughed at their inept conclusions concerning Obama, I reminded myself that they are like the many […]

A RINO by any other name would smell as bad

Let me begin by apologizing to William Shakespeare for mis-using his quote, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” and applying the phrase to RINOs. Neither Shakespeare nor the rose have ever done anything to deserve being associated with the likes of RINOs. I am sorry, but for the sake of the […]