An Indecent Proposal

Over the course of 2015, I watched my country evolve into something that I could not recognize. I watched a decent President side with a movement that promoted racism and inequality in the form of Black Lives Matter. I watched as a decent President along with other decent Republicans started a war in Syria, set the conditions for the rise of the most […]

A Christmas Meditation

Below is an excerpt from my recent book, RINO List 2014, which you can now get exclusively at for only $.99.  I wrote this piece as it observes the intersection of faith and political ambition.  Please take time to read and I pray that it blesses you as we all celebrate this Advent season.   […]

The Midterms in Perspective

Dr. Sproul Jr. is an accomplished pastor and commentator. After the startling Midterm Election results, Dr. Sproul Jr. brought his substantial intellect to bear on the issue of Progressivism in the Republican Ranks. Though he comes from a different Evangelical perspective than I do, I cherish and regularly listen to his teaching. Take a moment […]

New RINO Book for $.99

Finally, it is time!  After technical difficulties, after development Hell, and after trekking over the US to be able to put an Ebook on the interwebs, RINO List 2014 is finally out!  This past February, the Exceptional One, Ken McClenton, urged me in the strongest way possible to write and publish another RINO List for this Mid-Term […]