A Christmas Meditation

Below is an excerpt from my recent book, RINO List 2014, which you can now get exclusively at Amazon.com for only $.99.  I wrote this piece as it observes the intersection of faith and political ambition.  Please take time to read and I pray that it blesses you as we all celebrate this Advent season. […]

The Midterms in Perspective

Dr. Sproul Jr. is an accomplished pastor and commentator. After the startling Midterm Election results, Dr. Sproul Jr. brought his substantial intellect to bear on the issue of Progressivism in the Republican Ranks. Though he comes from a different Evangelical perspective than I do, I cherish and regularly listen to his teaching. Take a moment […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lewis Beeler Jr., author of RINO List 2012 and creator of RINOList.org, is asking Republicans to vote against certain GOP members come next Tuesday.  In his explosive new book, Mr. Beeler actually gives a Conservative reason to vote for the Democrats in Ohio, Kentucky, and more!  RINO List 2014 is an indictment […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lewis Beeler Jr., author of RINO List 2012 and creator of RINOList.org, has finally released his newest instalment of the list of traitorous Republicans killing the GOP’s chances of taking back the White House in 2016.  Created in the fires of the fresh and bold Tea Party Movement, RINOList.org has garnered praise, […]

New RINO Book for $.99

Finally, it is time!  After technical difficulties, after development Hell, and after trekking over the US to be able to put an Ebook on the interwebs, RINO List 2014 is finally out!  This past February, the Exceptional One, Ken McClenton, urged me in the strongest way possible to write and publish another RINO List for […]

A RINO by any other name would smell as bad

rino Let me begin by apologizing to William Shakespeare for mis-using his quote, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” and applying the phrase to RINOs. Neither Shakespeare nor the rose have ever done anything to deserve being associated with the likes of RINOs. I am sorry, but for the sake of the […]


At RINO List we believe we have a responsibility to post positive stories from time to time to encourage our readers. Not everything is bad in our world, and we appreciate those people who are doing good things for others. Here is one such story. Lewis & Janice Beeler are Baptist missionaries in the country […]

New Update about RINO List!

Greetings to all RINO Hunters! RINO List has been dormant for the last several months as we have been strategizing for 2014. Let’s take a look at some of the major developments for the next year! RINO List is now accepting articles for publication. Instead of only reaching your social media contacts, reach a whole […]


Many American citizens who identify with the Republican party mistakenly believe that compromise is the way to get things done because we are a minority in America. At the same time some Republican celebrities, Rush Limbaugh being a primary example, have been trying to revise American history, and have for years claimed that the Republican […]


Legend tells of a group of mighty knights who lived in Britain about 1,000 years ago and were the defenders of the realm. The legend speaks of a round table where the knights held their meetings. Though the knights each thought of themselves as superior to one another, Arthur their king commissioned a round table […]