Monday Game Day – Best RINO Quotes

Just caught wind of DemoRAT Andy Weiner’s SNL worthy quote, “I wrote the bill … the bill and I are one.” After regaining my composure, I had to think hard about the last really good laugh-a-riot quote from a sitting RINO that I have heard.  It probably was Joseph Cao’s Harakiri comment to oil executives.

Here is today’s game:  write your best stupid quote by a RINO in the comment section (WITH A LINK PLEASE!!!!), and get a FREE McCain RINOList Button from our store.  Game ends at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, the judges will decide on Thursday, and email the winner to get their info to send the FREE Button.

Watch for this week’s edition of the President’s Post as we will be rolling out our Coffee Club!

NOTE:  The video that was up on Michelle’s page is down now.  Hopefully someone will find a link soon or re-up on YouTube.

So since you can’t get Weiner saying he IS the Healthcare Law, try this:

photo by Joe Rothberger