New RINO Book for $.99

Finally, it is time!  After technical difficulties, after development Hell, and after trekking over the US to be able to put an Ebook on the interwebs, RINO List 2014 is finally out!  This past February, the Exceptional One, Ken McClenton, urged me in the strongest way possible to write and publish another RINO List for this Mid-Term Election.  It took the encouragement of the Exceptional One to get me to do the hard work of tearing myself away from my studies and work to do another RINO List.  I cannot thank Ken enough, and I wish him the best!

Enough banter, you folks are here for the real stuff so let’s get it on!  This year’s RINO List holds a detailed list of the Top Twenty Republican Dorks who are destroying the Party with their adulterous relationship with Progressive Democrats like President Barack Obama.  Speaker of the House John “I am Barack Obama’s Best Friend” Boehner is in there with the usual Rogues Gallery of RINO idiots.

Please get your copy now for $.99!

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