The President’s Post

Happy New Year RINO Hunters!

We are in the process of a major site redesign, and hope to have it finished in the next month.  We are working on putting up a finalized RINO List in February.  When our list gets up, we are going to need contributions on details of each RINO, that is why we will have opened comments up on each page so you can comment on an individual RINO.  Our Sleuth page was a great idea, however it just did not generate the kind of response we were looking for, thats why we have integrated a forum for you to post possible new RINOs.  The Forum and comments sections should be finalized by the end of the month, if our Web Monkeys are telling me the truth!

Last year’s defeat of RINOs Mike Castle, Arlen Specter, and of Murkowski’s defeat in the primaries showed the power of Conservative Republicans and the Tea Party to rid the Party of Progressive Republicans that threaten the very core principles that make this nation the greatest on the Earth. wishes the 112th Congress the best in the new year as they tackle the most difficult problems of our nation.  However, we will be watching you.  If a Senator or Congressman strays from the Conservative core of the Party, they go on the list.  If a Senator or Congressman votes for Progressive bills, they go on the list.  If a Senator or Congressman advocates for liberal policies, they go on the list.  Progressive Republicans will not control this Party, we the people will.

Less than ten days into the New Year, a senseless act of violence was perpetrated on our Republic by a violent and evil man.  Our form of government is self-rule through elected representatives.  When any representative is fulfilling their public duty, it is as if we are all there.  The shooting in Tucson, Arizona was an attack on the government of this great Republic, and therefore was an attack on all of us.  More troubling than the shooting is the aftermath of recriminations that has happened this past week by the Progressive Media and Progressive Democrat Politicians.  Using this event for their own political ends is not shocking nor surprising.  Neither was the eventual collusion of Republicans-In-Name-Only.

Newly elected Governor of Rhode Island, former Repub but always a RINO, Lincoln Chafee, has taken it upon himself to boycott political commentary shows and personalities that use violent euphimisms.  Excerpt of his brilliant statement []:

The advertisers should shut them down.

Violence in our political rhetoric is nothing new to us.  It is common, it is useful, and it is protected.  Here is a short historical study on Violence in Political Speech that our Founders enshrined in our Constitution and promised to protect by their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

To throw away our rights of communication in the most passionate and furious ways is to declare our experiment in self-governance a failure.  We will not be terrorized by violence into giving up our dearest rights to passionately portray violence in political discourse, in order that unhinged evil may not be induced to further evil.  Evil will always exist, that is why our system of justice exists.  We punish those that do evil, and we reward those that do good.

I end with this call to congress from our sacred Scripture.

Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish justice in the gate. Amos 5.15 NASB

Happy Hunting!

Lewis H. Beeler Jr.
Cedarville University, Pre-Seminary Studies, 2006
Piedmont Baptist Graduate School, Candidate for M.A. in Biblical Studies, 2012