The RINO Watchlist

Yesterday, the Politico reported that loser RINO, Mike Castle, is polling to test the waters for an election campaign as a write-in candidate against Republican Primary Winner, Christine O’Donnell. RINO #5 would join “Evita” Murkowski, RINO # 6, in the GOP Establishment War with the Tea Party.  The nature of this election cycle is unparalleled viciousness, showcased by the extreme lengths that the dying GOP Establishment is willing to go to maintain their stranglehold on the party.  For this reason, is starting a RINO Watch List for Republicans that have historically promoted Conservative Values and Policies, whom have over the course of the previous few months shed their Conservative mantles and thrown their lot in with the Establishment Republican Moderates or even to the Democrats.

The first inductee to the RINO Watch List is:

Karl Rove

Karl is our first inductee because of this display of venom and animosity to a victorious candidate solely because she did NOT consult him.

And Karl was wrong!  Christine O’Donnell DID answer beautifully the questions posed to her by Neil Cavuto.

Welcome to the RINO Watchlist, Karl.