Top Ten Things an Exceptional Conservative Can Do!

Last week, I had the great honor to be a guest on Ken McClenton’s amazing show, “The Exceptional Conservative!”  It was simply a marvelous experience!  Here is the audio replay of that show!

Ken has a heart to reach his community with the powerful message of God’s plan for human freedom.  I share the same heart to reach as many people with the message that God created them, that we spurned His love and sinned against Him.  Then, our Creator, in His boundless love, sent His Son Jesus to us, in order to save us from our sins.  As well, our Creator bestowed on us the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I had the privilege to tell Ken that there are TEN THINGS everyone can do to be an Exceptional Conservative and an Exceptional American!  If you do not have time to listen to the program, but still want to be an Exceptional Conservative, here is my Top Ten List:

Ten things every American can do to help our country

1. Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution! I read them several times a year and each time I tear up thinking of what these people went through in order to do this. Amazing!

2. Practice what you read there! Practice civil responsibility by financially and physically supporting a true Tea Party Candidate.


Tea Party Patriots

3. Practice your Second Amendment rights by studying, taking a safety course, and purchasing a firearm.  Also, check out a gun show for more convenient purchasing options.  Check with your local sheriff for regulation and legal information.  They are there to help!

4. Practice civil disobedience to all gun registration laws like thousands of your fellow Americans have done in Connecticut, the state where the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook happened.

5. Practice frugality by taking your money out of the stock market. ALL OF IT! EVEN YOUR 401K NOW! Read Zerohedge, and live within your means!

6. Discuss! Do not just sit in your homes venting to one another! Find someone of the other side to talk to, and convert him or her! You have the knowledge and you have a voice! Use them!

7. Exercise your freedom of Religion by actually attending Church or Synagogue.

8. Read the Bible! It was the founding document that all of the framers had read numerous times, and that they all cited as inspiration for our country! It is still a relevant book for today, even more so as we see the direction of our country!

9. Do what I did tonight with believers in Ecuador, PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! We were a prayerful nation in the past, and we could be again if each of us pray!

10. I am not a prepper, but I am prepared to meet my God.  That preparation of the soul gives me the power and strength to be prepared to help my friends and family in the future.  Don’t be a prepper, but be prepared to help your friends and family, trusting in God to get you through. Dark days are ahead!

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