The President’s Post

This has been an amazing week for I have been overwhelmed with the curiosity, feedback, and support from so many of you that comment, post, and email us.  Thank you so much for the encouragement and we… Read More


Thank you President Obama?

The very reason this website exists is because there are politicians in America who have been for decades leading our country down a road to destruction. These politicians operate in direct opposition to the principals that are the bedrock on which our country was founded. RINOs have been and are still lending aid and comfort to these political enemies of our country, enemies who would see our country in ruin…


One RINO down, the Other got away

As the dust settled yesterday on the Tuesday Primary, Conservatives counted their victories and losses.  Outstanding victories in Flordia for Marco Rubio and Rick Scott have given rise to a narrative that the Tea Parties have galvanized the… Read More


August 24th Primary Breakdown!

Here is a breakdown of tomorrow’s Republican primary elections. We have 5 states voting: Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Vermont,  and a run-off in Oklahoma.  Leave your thoughts on the various candidates in the comments section.  Don’t forget to be… Read More


RINOs & the dangers of Moral Equivalency

A RINO can be extremely dangerous when he uses Moral Equivalency to advance his political schemes, and discerning citizens should know how to identify this tactic used by a RINO to advance an immoral political agenda…


The President’s Post

Welcome to the inaugural President’s Post.  It has been nearly one month since our site redesign, and we are so excited with all of our new guests!  We have received as many as 250 in a single day… Read More


McCain & Hayworth Battle it out Next Tuesday

In five days, Arizonan Republicans elect their candidate for the U.S. Senate, and the stakes could not be higher. McCain is the Official #1 RINO for his long and storied history of Progressive Positions and Policies. Since Sen…. Read More


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For the next two weeks, we are giving away our “Vote the Bums Out” bumper sticker for FREE with a coupon. Download this Bumper Sticker Coupon, fill it out, save it, email it to, and we will… Read More


List of Senate Republicans who voted to Release the last TARP Funds

List of Senate Republicans who voted to Release the last TARP Funds Senate Alexander (TN) Kyl (AZ) Gregg (NH) Lugar (IN) Snowe (ME) Voinovich (OH) Source: After the election of Barack Obama, the majority of Americans still… Read More


List of Republicans who voted for Wall Street Reform Bill

List of Republicans who voted for Wall Street Reform Bill Wikipedia entry for Dodd Frank Financial Reform Bill PDF copy of bill careful its 2000+ pages! House of Republicans No Republicans voted for the bill Source: Senate… Read More