Clinton Presidential Ads

hillary-clinton We will be publishing a list of Rinos who are running for election to various offices in the coming weeks, however it seemed good right now to share something with our readers about the presidential race. Hilary Clinton has spent a lot of money running attack ads against Donald Trump in recent weeks, and at […]

An Indecent Proposal

Casablanca1 Over the course of 2015, I watched my country evolve into something that I could not recognize. I watched a decent President side with a movement that promoted racism and inequality in the form of Black Lives Matter. I watched as a decent President along with other decent Republicans started a war in Syria, set […]

RINO Debate Recap

My short take away from last night Main Stage Trump: Magnetic charisma and has smarts when it comes to finances and foreign policy. Cruz: He should be the next president of this country. Simply stunning. Carson: An intelligent, gentle man in an ungentle time. Rand: Finally came out of his shell a bit last night.  […]

Get Ready for the Republican Presidential Debate Live Snark on Twitter

RINO List has been pretty much radio silent for the last few months as I finished my PhD courses. Now its time to break out the RINO rundowns! Tomorrow evening will be the Fox Business Wall Street Journal Republican Presidential Debate in Milwaukee, WI, moderated by Neil Cavuto, Maria Bartiromo, and Gerard Baker. The Little […]

What #RaceTogether Should Really Be About

starbucks-race-together-665x385 In honor of the the ill-informed Starbucks’ #RaceTogether, we present now another idiot Republican who is further inflaming racial tensions. First, General, why are you still in the GOP? Second, yes, there is a “dark vein of intolerance” which is best shown by these pictures. Third, it was racist because “Hands up, Dont shoot, was […]