At RINO List we believe we have a responsibility to post positive stories from time to time to encourage our readers. Not everything is bad in our world, and we appreciate those people who are doing good things for others. Here is one such story.

Lewis & Janice Beeler are Baptist missionaries in the country of Ecuador, South America. They are there to start new Baptist churches, an anti-abortion counselling center, a Bible institute, and a Christian book store. We would like to share here a little about their book store, and give our readers the opportunity to help the Beelers with their good works in South America.

The Beelers desire to start a Christian Book Store to make available Christian literature to the general public in Cuenca, Ecuador. At the present time it is nearly impossible to purchase a Bible in the country of Ecuador. The book store will also provide necessary Christian literature for the students at the Andean Bible Institute, a ministry of Good News Mission Society, Inc. The Book Store will also be a place for students from the Bible institute to work, giving them a way to defray the cost of their Bible education. The Book Store will be an open Christian environment where freedom of ideas can exist without intimidation from those who oppose Christianity. Andean Book Store will be owned and operated by Good News Mission Society, Inc., a non-profit religious society, based in Snow Camp, North Carolina. GNMS is a small group of Baptist missionaries working together to spread the message of Christianity in Ecuador and around the world.

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