RINOs Don’t Understand Obama!

I was watching the business news on Fox this past Saturday, and as usual the progressive newscasters on Fox were having real trouble understanding why President Obama takes such strange and harmful positions on business in America. As I laughed at their inept conclusions concerning Obama, I reminded myself that they are like the many RINO politicians who seem to have a mental block for who Barack Hussein Obama really is, so I thought a little explanation is in order. Below is a short video to ‘splain just who Is Obama?


  • dan747

    According to one of the above video, all the colleges Obama has gone to is label as alleges claims with no proof that he’s gone to any college. For a man who never went to college, he sure got to places.

    ON this web site is a collection of the biggest garbage I’ve ever seen. I know many morons including Donald Trump believe this garbage. Sad but true.

    • kazetsukai

      Just like all the other libtards: “EVERYTHING here is false.” No proof, no follow-ups, nothing. Just a naysayer who likes the status quo and your stinky president with his forged birth certificate. Which again, you don’t believe, no matter how many forensic scientists claim is a 100% fabrication