What #RaceTogether Should Really Be About

In honor of the the ill-informed Starbucks’ #RaceTogether, we present now another idiot Republican who is further inflaming racial tensions.

First, General, why are you still in the GOP?

Second, yes, there is a “dark vein of intolerance” which is best shown by these pictures.

Third, it was racist because “Hands up, Dont shoot, was a mantra built upon a lie.”  Michael Brown was shot because he did attempt to assault the police after he had strong armed robbed a cigar shop.  Michael Brown did not have his hands up, that was also a lie.  These lies led to a mob mentality that destroyed a city, engulfed a nation, and showed the world that the Black community in Ferguson is gullible to be led to burn itself down by the White Racist Cop stereotype.  Instead of calming racial tensions, General, you are further inflaming them, just like the President you voted in.


But we are told all the time that we need RINOs like these to win back the White House.  No we do not.  If we are going to be forced by our barista to have a discussion about race, then lets talk about how much better the US is than any European country about race, about the systemic racism of the Latino community against Blacks, and about the duplicitous leaders of the Black community who have led their people in poverty and dehumanized them by their Marxist philosophies instead of the Western Tradition of hard work, law abiding citizenry, sex inside of marriage, and contributing to the public welfare.  Or just tell the barista to hand you your Large (not Grande) coffee and keep their social engineering projects to themselves.

End racism by getting an education, getting a job, staying out of crime, getting married before having sex, contributing your individual talents to the community, and defending everyone else’s right to do the same regardless of their educational, family, religious, or cultural backgrounds!

Furthermore, how about we talk about the insane levels of racism on the Left, whom love the cahartic Starbucks campaign so they can buy their coffee, atone for their sins, and get to work on time.

How about the sad case of this amazing young, black man who did the unpardonable sin of leaving the Liberal Democrat plantation, and living the Free life as a Conservative Republican.

Now for the funny.  Here are some wonderful replies to the absolutely ignorant attempt at social engineering by the entitled Elite of Starbucks.

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